#EconomyClass to Japan

Brief Review of the Political Economy of Japan Politicians in Japan are elected by local constituencies to press local issues. What are normally called political parties are, in fact, coalitions between remarkably autonomous political entrepreneurs.Ā These politicians join together in factions not to promote a common ideology or agenda but, instead, join forces in order to […]

#DiversityClub – Sony World Professional Photography Awards

TheĀ ProfessionalĀ Competition by Sony and the World Photography Organization is looking to reward and showcase the worldā€™s most outstanding bodies of work. At the pinnacle of the competition is the title of “Photographer of the Year”, one of the most distinguished and highly regarded awards in photography. The overall winner is chosen each year by the […]

#WantEd: The Ashinaga Africa Initiative

ASHINAGA PROVIDES EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT TO ORPHANED CHILDREN WORLDWIDE. TheĀ AshinagaĀ Africa Initiative is a fully funded leadership programme that aims to provide high potential orphaned students from across Sub Saharan Africa with access to higher education in Japan, the U.S.A. and Europe. Our vision is that after graduating from university abroad, our scholars return to Sub Saharan […]